14 February 2013

Friendly french feasting

it looks as though we are again befriending every french(wo)man in sight. and happily. :)

dave made quick work of finding a geology post-doc (francis) in his department from france. we had lunch with him a few times and then his girlfriend, delphine, came to live with him here while she is in between job contracts (shes a speech therapist). he is very nice, and she is radiance and lovely personified (okay, maybe i have a girl crush). we had lunch with them a couple times, and then they invited us to dinner at their place. as with all french people who have ever made us food, they were very thoughtful of Xs food issues, and made us a very typical, simple french dinner.

1. an aperitif (appetizer/snack) of peanuts and tomatoes and juice
2. a dinner of roast chicken with potatoes and carrots
3. a dairy course of yogurt
4. a dessert of the very simple but YUM, gateau de savoie (like french angel food cake). delphine made them "hamburger"-style with raspberry jam in between and apple compote on the side.

being a magnet and a lover of all things french really has its payoffs. :) i like to think they are drawn to our francophile vibes, but secretly hope they also like us for who we actually are. :) anyway, they are a wonderful couple who i hope we can hang with from time to time. they are lovely, kind, calm, patient people. francis will be here for another 1.5 years, so, yay!

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