12 February 2013

Borrowed some lent traditions

love learning the local traditions and celebrations. this was an interesting one.

the sunday before lent is called "sledding day" (other activities heartily enjoyed on this day are: snowball fights, fort creating, snowman making). weve had tons of snow lately, some every day (apparently this isnt exactly normal weather) and for sunday we got an additional layer of the perfect kind of wet snow that is great for snowballs and snowmen. it was quite fun seeing everyone out enjoying themselves.

a couple days after that is "fat tuesday", which is called laskiainen here. its generally acknowledged by eating green pea soup and a pastry called laskiaispulla (a sweet bread filled with whipped cream and jam or almond paste). im calling them "paczki light".

(sledding; laskiaispulla)


mom said...

Watch out while sledding, we wouldn't want a repeat of what happened when you were young and went sledding with your mom!!!

a happy little life said...

glad to read your family is here! sounds like you are settling in just fine! let me know if you need anything, i'm happy to help.
xx tracie