11 January 2013

Taking care of business

friday, aka taking care of business day.

we woke up today and got out the door. we went to the city center, back to the "in to finland" office and dave got his tax card (he was the only one who needed it, because he is the only one working). while there, we also applied to kela (the social security benefits institute) for national health insurance (this may take 2-3 months to go through). we further applied for the free health insurance you can get to cover you for travel within the EU (you can use it at any health clinic/hospital in the EU and finland will pay [outside the EU you still need to buy travel insurance]).

we then went and had some indian lunch at the food court in the kamppi shopping center. in the shopping center, there is a branch of nordea bank. its basically the most international of the bank options here, and will even communicate with you (in person, paper, and electronically) in english. X and i waited out front while dave opened the account (im not allowed to open an account because i dont have income, i can get a debit card to his account though), two strangers even talked to X, in english. i was impressed (most finns keep to themselves while in public, apparently children melt that facade), also, the bank lobby had toys for kids to play with. bad ass.

back at home from our morning of errands, i tried to turn on the lights. no dice. ffffffuuuuuuuuuck. while waiting for an identification number and bank account, we hadnt yet contacted the power company to give them our take-over information (because we didnt have any to give). they had cut the power, on a friday afternoon. i had no cell phone yet. what to do!? we dont know anyone, and finns are pretty private. oh, okay, i'll just knock on our neighbors door who ive never met. as im knocking on the door, X poops. great. "hi. im sorry. we just moved in. our power got cut off and i have no way to contact my husband. would you allow me to come in to your home and use your computer? (oh, and can i bring in my kid who just pooped in her pants?)". the kind, college-aged girl named noora confessed she didnt speak much english but that i could use her computer. i tried to email quickly while trying to corral smelly X as she tried to touch everything in this nice apartment. thankfully, she discovered a dog toy to occupy her, and dave did get my message. he spent the rest of the afternoon traveling back to the city center to go in person to the power company, and then back home to call them and tell them he had manually switched the circuit breaker off and it was okay for them to turn us back on. thankfully this was all accomplished within minutes of them closing for the weekend.

later, i went out solo grocery shopping (translation: i was able to actually focus my eyes and look at the food on the shelves for once) and found all kinds of goodies, including a dessert mousse type of yogurt. rich and sweet. lastly, i went to the pharmacy for some things it seemed they didnt carry at the grocery store. while there, i saw they sell pet meds at the pharmacy!

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Mary Ann said...

Thank you so much for your updates. And also for the photos. Things are going fairly well, eh?