09 December 2012

Halifax roundup

farewell to halifax. thanks for everything. we may see you again this coming summer.

list of the last things we had to do in town:
1. booked the cat on our finland flight.

2. wire transfered money to our new helsinki landlord. there was a crazy amount of info our canadian bank required us to gather to do the transfer, and the fee wasnt so friendly either.

3. orchestrated people coming to take the final things from our apartment.

4. cleaned the apartment. note: oven cleaning is not as bad as i had previously imagined.

5. communicated with government agencies of canada to tell them we were leaving.

6. ordered an apostilled marriage license from the state of michigan. we need this upon entry into finland.

7. spent $155(!) to forward our mail from canada to the u.s. for 6 months. man do i hate the postal service of canada.

8. cleaned and packed all day friday (dec 7). it took two trips from the apartment to the hotel in order to be totally finished, but we did it!!

**X moving note: warning, i am exaggerating only a tad here. she started seeming to be affected by the move in slow increments (ramping up) until the week of the move when she turned into a puddle of shit. i can say this because she was directly feeding off of my energy wave length. so we were both acting like steaming piles while dave was twitching in the corner from work stress. it was, to the fly on the wall, a pretty sight im sure. thank goodness we had organized enough that there werent life or death, do-or-die, last minute things to take care of, but even still, for our first move with a kid, i was not prepared. those times you just want to throw your hands up, take a 90 minute hot shower and eat frosting straight out of the can...you cant! i felt like i was vibrating at the frequency of insane the whole week while behind closed doors, so it was extra hard to put on my "im handling things well" and "yes, finland will be quite an adventure" face for the public. but, moving came and went and while i was VERY sore, we had made it out and were poised for successful travel back to michigan. so we finished off positively.

things i will miss about nova scotia:
-the lovely fall weather
-the beautiful countryside, opens spaces, and outdoor/nature offerings in rural nova scotia (of which we did not take NEAR full advantage of)
-the friendly moms i met and their nice kiddos
-the friendly faces at the library, the museums, and the local food vendors who know us well and offer kind smiles and adore X (i actually no longer think the quote, "i have always depended on the kindness of strangers", from the movie "sunset boulevard" is depressing).
-the talented and crafty moms here who have tons of extra skills on the side (sewing, baking, photography, soapmaking, gardening, etc).

things i will NOT miss about nova scotia:
-the absurd roads, drivers and pedestrians
-the lack of restaurant food variety
-the HIGH food and gas prices (and the taxes, 15%!)
-the low supply of in-city activities (that are non-touristy)
-the near total shut down of little towns during the off-season
-hearing parents say "ta ta" to their kids to mean "no no" (i asked, and i guess its a british-ism thing. thats fine, but for some reason the sound is like a rasp in my ear)
-lack of a good train system or cheap airport to get OUT of town!

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