01 January 2013

Fourth quarter 2012 - Reading and watching

in times of anxiety i choose fluff and/or things that are familiar and comforting to me. so thats what i did...laugh at me if you will.

- "hunger games". 4.5/5. it was like the book "hatchet" mixed with "twilight" mixed with bruce willis in the "die hard"s. whats not to like? and the leading lady was strong and intelligent and highly respectable. she had a rough life but she was honest and kind-hearted when it mattered. she also had good luck with the men in her life. the movie of this was not too good. definitely too hurried and you didnt feel a strong connection between the characters which was a major driver in the books plot. bummer, but not surprising.

- "catching fire". 3.5/5. a reasonable follow-up to the hunger games. interesting character additions, good plot arc. for me, it wasnt as good as the first book. but i will NOT cut any slack for the third book. words cannot describe how betrayed i felt spending time reading it. i cant think of another time when reading has left me feeling so pissed off and dissatisfied. the story got so, so out of hand and unreasonable it actually became boring. and then 50 pages before the end it made me feel nothing but rage. what happened to the author when she wrote this book? i cannot imagine how they make that in to a movie. i get that it was about the ugliness, unfairness, and senselessness of war but it just didnt jibe with the spirit of the other two books. it may have been a fine stand alone statement about war, but i just didnt like where the author went.

*i re-read "twilight" and "breaking dawn" while dave was in finland. that series makes me shake my head. the writing really is pretty bad. but the characters and the plot are interesting enough that my brain ignores the junk and accepts the fun ride that the story takes me on. im a sucker for romance and the movies were a decent enough approximation of the books that it adds to the appeal. so, i of course saw the final movie, on opening weekend, alone. it was a rather large let down. i was irritated that they wasted so much screen time with a huge fight scene at the end that didnt exist in the book, it made them have to move too fast through the stuff in the beginning. also, the vampire sex was lame, and renesmee's CGI-ed face was creepy. boo. :(

*note: these ratings are from a place of "did they entertain me when i was stressed and take my mind off of things?", if i were to watch them again i might have a different opinion...except for buffy, it really was a great show*

- "what to expect when youre expecting". 4/5. actually good for a laugh. LOVED the dudes club. i enjoyed all the different kinds of pregnancy stories.

- "white palace". 4/5. early 90s romance with susan sarandon and james spader. found it on netflix. hadnt heard of it before. there wasnt really much new plot material in it, but it was well done, and i liked the vulnerable characters.

- "snow white and the huntsman". 3.5/5. there was enough done well about this movie: most of the cast, the costumes, the scenery, the interesting and appropriately restrained CGI action, the refreshed snow white storyline...that, for me, it carried the bits that didnt work so well...the dialogue was "meh", some of the accents were forced, and the chemistry between snow white and the huntsman was a bit odd. sometimes they didnt seem to be in the same scene together, though at least he was radiating attraction. chris helmsworth was a dreamy surprise, and also was really convincing. as for kristen stewart...i normally like her even though many dont. unfortunately, she just wasnt well suited to being an action heroine like this.

- "buffy the vampire slayer" re-watch. 4.5/5 for the series. im normally not one for extensive sci-fi fantasy, mystical plots but this show worked because of the characters and their relationships. plus, they pretty much nailed the musical genre with the episode "once more with feeling", when you can advance the plot while making catchy song and dance numbers...im completely enamoured. thanks for introducing me jules. the biggest draw to the show for me was the cheeky, adorable vampire named spike. swoon. im making note here for myself, these are my favorite spike episodes: S2E3, E22; S3E8; S4E3, E8-9, E11, E13, E16; S5E4, E7, E10-13, E14, E15, E18, E19, E22; S6E3, E6, E7-11, E12, E13, E14, E15, E16-20; S7E2, E6, E8, E9, E11-12, E13, E14, E15, E17-18, E20-E22; and on the spin-off series Angel S5E8, E9, E15-17, E20.

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Mary Ann said...

I would never laugh at you. I tend to get too hoity-toity in my film/ reading selections. And that's not good. Once in a while, being high-minded is nice, but so is trash or a juicy mystery.