09 October 2012

Thanks for all you gave us canada

canadas thanksgiving day. we salute you!

since it will be crunch time for us around american thanksgiving, we did canadian thanksgiving this year instead. 14 lb turkey, gravy, sweet potato casserole, and stuffing. X was very patient with us as we hung around the house all day and danced around the kitchen. i contributed the sweet potato casserole and acted as repeated clean-up crew. dave did the rest. we managed not to piss each other off in the kitchen, despite the minuscule amount of countertop. i thought that was a big win.

and the major bonus for preparing such a huge meal for 3 people was that X seems to be in the middle of a growth spurt. she woke up almost an hour early asking for a snack. then we had a hearty breakfast, then she wanted a snack before lunch, then she ate a big late lunch, snacks in the afternoon, and then ate an adult size helping of thanksgiving dinner. light meat, dark meat, with and without gravy, stuffing and sweet potato casserole. i also made warm apple cider and she guzzled that and milk. i think next time people see her she will be the size of a kindergartener.

lastly, i'll take this opportunity to thank canada for being our home for the last 3+ years. you served as our stepping stone from our student selves into our adult/family selves and we thank you for being so hospitable. also, we thank you for being a lovely, beautiful, and safe place to introduce our daughter to the world. thanks for all the memories.

(a little pre-meal boulder climbing at point pleasant park; cliff climbing; victorious!)
(marshmallowing the sweet potato casserole; watching papa carve the turkey)

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Anonymous said...

Canadian Thanksgiving is in October? Do they gather round the table to eat the traditional Thanksgiving herring and watch Canadian football?

All right, you hosers. I want all 12 of us fighting for every meter on all 3 downs. We'll make this a Thanksgiving the Prime Minister will never forget!

B. Bear

P.S. Again, we're very sorry about the itsy bitsy spider card. Who knew you could replace the batteries on those things?