01 November 2012

October move out check list

things we did in october as part of our "move out" check list:

1. got nutmeg her expensive ass surgery. she is totally devoid of anal glands now (no complications thankfully). youre welcome animal. we are also working on a temporary home for her in michigan, with plans to come back for her and bring her to live with us in finland. i guess we cannot rid ourselves of that beast.

2. had two goodbye dinners with daves colleagues and friends isabelle and djordje (one dinner at their place and one at ours)

3. dave sold his bike to a vintage cycles enthusiast...that made him happy

4. i updated Xs canadian passport so that we have an official document with photo ID of her that is actually current (her previous canadian passport had her picture as a 2 month old, her u.s. passport still has her picture as a 3 month old).

5. did our finnish residence card paperwork at the embassy in ottawa

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