21 October 2012

Moss 'n mushrooms

had a lovely fall walk in the woods today.

to combat the sinister boredom that has enveloped our weekends of late (the terrifying calm before the storm i say), we decided to get back to long lake and take a walk to enjoy the fall colors. the weather was 60+ degrees (no jackets!) and not raining (a weekend staple recently). we were basically all alone in the bright colored woods following the beautiful path riddled with moss-covered rocks and tree roots and tons of mushrooms along the way. breathing in the pine tree and wet leaves scent was intoxicating. im glad we got out.

(she opted to climb over the fallen tree rather than go under; examining the tree felled by a beaver)

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Aleksandra said...

so beautiful. enjoy the fall in Canada. This year in Helsinki is nothing more than rain and overcast sky for days! today is finally sunny, but it's already close to 0 Celsius, so be prepare when you come here to live :)

Thanks for stopping by on my blog :)

And have a great day