01 November 2012


halloween this year wasnt a bust, it just felt a bit...empty.

we had tried and failed to have a local kid costume party. a bad cold/flu was sweeping through town and kids and parents were either sick or recovering and we werent going to be able to have more than 2-3 families here (as opposed to 6-10 families). so, the costume party fell through. and then there was the knowledge that halloween doesnt really occur in finland. :( oh, i guess its starting to catch on, but if its not already an engrained part of childhood then it probably will never elicit the traditions and energy that halloween in the u.s. did for me. i guess thats fine for X since halloween candy is rampant with milk and soy, so its not like she could ever fully enjoy the sugar shakes.

anyway, we did do a few fun things. the morning of the canceled halloween party dave made spooky ghost pancakes. and on devils night i made a dessert of dirt-n-worms (X-friendly of course). it worked out reasonably well. she gobbled it up. then we carved pumpkins. this year, as last year, she wanted nothing to do with reaching inside and scooping the guts out. lol.

(tired after pumpkin carving; daycare halloween)

and then halloween night...hurricane sandy arrived that day so we had alternate driving rain and sprinkles as we hit our one block of houses. after that we were wet and Xs bag was full. she was nervous going from house to house at first, but by the third house she was happy to say "trick or treat!" loudly. some people talked to her and she was happy to respond. it was really cute. she went as pippi longstocking. it worked out pretty well. the freckles were adorable.  back at home, i gave her some candy we had in the house just for her: a gummy worm, a square of chocolate, and several minutes with a stick of rock candy.

(serious pippi; sweet pippi; serious about sweets pippi)

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