09 September 2012

Party boat in the harbour

daves ultimate frisbee people had a boat party.

dave plays on a team with a naval engineer aussie who also races sailboats (most recently to bermuda) and who had access to a friends 48' motor cruiser (price tag: over a million bucks). so...at the end of the summer league team play, he had everyone aboard for a boat party in the halifax harbour. they made it at a kid-friendly time so we said "heck yeah". several of us were picked up at bishops landing (right near where we used to live) at around 7p as a fog was rolling in. we zipped north, under the two bridges, to the bedford basin and then we putzed our way back. by the time we got back, the fog had totally engulfed everything in sight so they docked and we headed home at 8:15p, though everyone else stayed on to continue a docked boat party.

the frisbee people are really nice folks. theyre always very nice to X and welcoming of kids in general to a party (or their game sidelines for that matter. frisbee teams are like the proverbial "village", they all help watch and entertain the kids on the sidelines during games/tournaments. sometimes both parents are on the field and a team member is watching or holding or playing with a kid.). since i dont play, but am often on the sidelines with X ive always had an awkward peripheral acquaintance with most of them. they know who i am, i certainly know all their faces (though names...not so much) but we almost never actually talk, or they talk to X. its something i hope to remedy in finland (assuming dave will link up with a team there) because these kinds of relationships, while not deep, are a good basis for positive social interactions and experiences.

(waiting for the boat; on the boat, talking with papa)
(going north, away from the fog and macdonald bridge; a rusty being-decommissioned russian boat; cooling towers at sunset)

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