08 September 2012

Fringe festival

halifax has an experimental theatre festival called "fringe fest". this year we went to two performances with X.

monday (9/3):
female dancers from zimbabwe. there were two younger women and two older women displaying the dances/songs/rituals around young girls transitioning into womanhood. i thought it was wonderful, colorful, enthusiastic and energetic. X was almost able to handle the whole 60 minutes without fussing. at the end, they brought me and a few other ladies on-stage to dance. i wasnt even embarrassed. i definitely dance like a white robot, but their music, energy, and encouragement made me feel like...if id been raised in a zimbabwe village, i might have rhythm too. :)

saturday (9/8):
hansel and gretel. a shortened show (50 minutes) just for kids. decent. it held Xs attention but i found it to be the least fun performance that we have taken her to thus far. the thing X liked the most was when the witch got pushed into the oven by gretel. of course. funnily enough, we actually bumped into a playgroup family there and a prenatal group mom...small town.

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