19 September 2012

Fine dining at fiasco

possibly our last dinner out in halifax. it was a good one at least.

it was supposed to be my birthday dinner (or an extremely delayed anniversary dinner), regardless, we finally got our ducks in a row for a dinner out on the town. as we looked at the calendar, we realized the high probability that this will be our last night out in halifax, so, we chose basically the last high end restaurant in town that we hadnt been to, fiasco (we have [or dave has, for work] been to press gangfive fishermencutchives, and gio). the ambiance/location was "meh" but the food was tasty. it was nice to be out with just dave, eating a quiet, slow meal, so the experience was nice...but i truly dont feel the need to do it more than a few times a year. crazy how much things change.

me (3 courses, chosen separately):
-escargot in a bacon, mushroom, spinach cream sauce (yum!)
-cheese tortellini in an aged cream sauce (this was like gourmet adult mac n cheese. i traded with dave for his tortellini dish)
-halibut encrusted with pistachios and almonds on roasted veggies

dave (4 course chefs tasting menu):
-scallops encrusted with anise, pistachios, and almonds on pears covered in a cherry port sauce
-cheese tortellini with a saffron, lobster, champagne cream sauce (yum!)
-beef tenderloin with potato medallions and a mushroom cream sauce
-mango cheesecake (normally neither of us like cheesecake, but this was pretty damn good)

aside from our main dishes, which were just average, we had a memorable food meal. the dinner was heavy on the cream sauces though, so i was glad to have a good glass of wine to break down some of that fat for me in my stomach. i am not accustomed to eating that much dairy, pretty sure i woulda been puking all night otherwise (this happened to me in france).

the bill was also horribly bruising to the wallet, but doing that once a year hardly breaks the bank. in terms of warm fuzzy foodie dining experiences, france still far and away exceeds anything weve experienced since, so i dont feel too bummed that we arent heavy hitters on the restaurant scene anymore.

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Mary Ann said...

Funny you should mention French dining. I was just thinking of the delicious cider drunk from coffee cups. Brittany is such a foodie's paradise.