02 September 2012

Cat conundrum

oh nutmeg. what ever are we going to do with you? no, seriously.

so labor day weekend. long holiday weekend. juuuuuuuust after normal vet hours end today (saturday) we came home from a brief shopping trip to find a trail of blood from the toy room across our bed (and my pillow, of course) and finally ending under our bed. of course, this blood was not evident when we left the house. soooooo...dave takes nutmeg over to the emergency vet in the area. a couple hours and $200+ later...this animal had another anal blow out. three years ago, before X arrived, we got her troublesome right anal gland removed in an expensive surgery. she had never had a problem with the other side, so we decided not take that one out. sure enough, we should have just paid the additional sum then to rid ourselves of ever having this problem again.

well, now she needs to heal and to endure a two week round of antibiotics (requiring pilling twice a day) which usually involves dave getting bitten, a lot of foaming at the mouth (by both dave and nutmeg) and piles of puke to clean up. super awesome. once shes healed, we can discuss surgery with the vet again. although, i seem to recall her having a minor heart arrythmia post-surgery in recovery last time. now that she is 3 years older i dont know what that means for her heart.

the most troubling thing is...we have basically determined that she cant come with us to finland. she is a horrible traveler, she is older, her health declines when she is boarded (we arent sure how long quarentine in finland might be), and we wouldnt be able to have her live with us for the first two months we are in helsinki because the place we have lined up doesnt allow animals. so, who is going to take a 12+ year old cat? shes a sweetie and a lover of kids, shes not aggressive and just wants to cuddle (once comfortable in her house). she has no front claws and doesnt go outside. she doesnt do well in a home with other cats. we hope like hell we can find a lonely older person who might be able to love her in the way she deserves. even a house with kids would be lovely for her, just no other cats. she really would make somebody happy. shes particular but shes a great companion. she could live for a ton more years, but it wouldnt be like the possible 20 year commitment that a kitten would be. when she doesnt suffer from her anal gland things, she still acts like a young kitty (or as young as she ever acted). she doesnt seem like a senior citizen so i hope someone could see her youthful side. mostly, we just wouldnt want to give her away without having the surgery. id be willing to swallow the surgery cost in order to have her find a new loving home. i would of course hope she wouldnt die from the surgery, and more importantly, i would hope that she wouldnt find her way to a person or a shelter that would determine she is too old to have around anymore and choose to euthanize her before her time.

weve kept her as a part of our family for a long time. we always arranged other living quarters for her when we physically werent capable of having her live with us (senior year of college, living in france). and we always took care of her as best we could. i just hope we can find something suitable for her and not feel too terrible about abandoning her. :(

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