06 August 2012

Natal day weekend

it was a long holiday weekend, and while we didnt go anywhere, we made sure to get out and do a few fun things.

the holiday was natal day. i think only our county got the "holiday" off to celebrate halifax/dartmouth being founded or whatever. everyone treats it like a freebie summer holiday long weekend and boozes and bbqs it up without the usual obligations to travel far and wide for family or formal parties. people were buzzing about what they were going to do with their time off. we felt like we needed to get out and have a little fun ourselves.

saturday (8/4):
-dave and X took the ferry to dartmouth (i drove over the bridge)
-we attempted the mother goose festival, but the blaring sun, heat, and mega crowds soon got to us all. we retreated into the nearby dartmouth farmers market for some german, mexican and pakistani snacks.
-next stop: rainbow haven beach (we had been there before, one chilly march day). it was sunny and hot but the breeze and off-shore fog allowed me to stay comfortable. otherwise, it was crowded and the water wasnt very warm (in my and Xs opinion). X ran around in the spray and found a huge hole that some older boys were digging. they let us play in it for quite a while, and then we headed home. as we left we saw they were closing the gates to the beach because there were no more parking spots.


-we had a holiday weekend dinner of hot dogs, corn, and blueberry shortcakes. and topped the night off with fireworks on the waterfront. these were definitely the best weve seen since moving here (certainly better than the first natal day fireworks we saw). X certainly enjoyed them.

sunday (8/5):
-our adventure of the day was to attend an outdoor play. it worked really well. point pleasant park has a summer theatre company called "shakespeare by the sea", and their childrens theater offering this year was "alice in wonderland". the production takes place at a hilly old military fortifications spot toward the back of the park. so perfect. the audience size was just right and we timed it perfectly. we sat right down one row back from the front on the grass and they started immediately. much of the dialogue went over Xs head of course, but the silly antics, songs, funny characters, and general mood was intoxicating. i havent laughed that much in a while. X was a little irritated...told me to stop it a few times (i now understand how annoying that must have been when i said that to you as a kid mom). we only did Act I, but i think X got the idea of all the fun to be had, and future theatre adventures shall occur in the years to come.

monday (8/6):
-i got a holiday break, and dave and X went out to walk the macdonald bridge. closed to cars for the day, the bridge is 1.3 km and they had music acts stationed at the midway and end points. i hear they had a good time.

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