20 August 2012

Goodbye parties for other job travellers

today we actually attended two goodbye parties for 4 people. the exodus has begun.

-party #1: A garden party at daves boss' place for goodbyes to carl (he took a faculty job at u of waterloo in ontario) and pauline (going back to france to start a phd at u de strasbourg). the party started at 2p and apparently went until 10:30p (we left at 6p)! damn, we cant be doing that when we host parties for daves future lab members in finland. anyway, it was supposed to be light snacks and wine in their backyard but they kept bringing out food and more food. X was initially hard to sell on the party idea, but once she got settled and chatty with people she really enjoyed herself. mid-party we took a break to change a diaper and to play with her toys in silence at home (across the street from the party), this turned out to be a great idea, and then we went back into the fray.

-party #2: we had enough time to regroup from party #1 at home before we launched over to a frisbee friends house for a goodbye party for a fellow ultimate player. he (donovan) is actually a scientist too, and just finished his phd and will be going to brisbane, australia (u of queensland) soon with his partner gwen. X was supposed to have other kids to play with at the party, but they were all exhausted and had to go to bed early, so she got to play by herself. it was nice to be at this party and see them off because id become acquainted with gwen over the last couple years when she would come to frisbee games and chat. they are a very nice couple. i cant believe how many different people we know who will be dispersed around the world. pretty neat.

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