07 August 2012

Finland/moving updates

a few more pieces of the moving puzzle have come our way lately...

now that many people at the university of helsinki are back from their month-long summer vacation, dave was able to ask a few lingering questions weve had. new answers from the finland folk:
-they confirmed dave is not obligated to teach until the fall of 2013
-we get an ample sum of money to provide for our moving costs (shipping our things and the flight there)
-we will have a furnished apartment near campus for 2 months when we arrive (called töölö towers)
-we are planning to arrive in helsinki sometime around january 2

and, based on a meeting with daves halifax boss, chris, we also gained this information:
-dave wont go to AGU this year so that he can finish up the "science" for his second post-doc paper and be able to submit something for the EGU meeting (european geosciences union) in the spring in vienna, austria
-thus, we have to rethink when and how we get to michigan in early december. dave will now be with us the whole time we are there, which is a relief, but also requires a different plan
-we are still thinking that we will go from michigan to new york around christmas and leave from NYC to helsinki (because they have more flight options)

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Trav said...

it is always best to come to nyc. you know. for a while. or longer.