17 August 2012

Best birthday

had a wonderful birthday, maybe the best.

started the day with X singing the birthday song to me in bed. she then brought a birthday card in to me and a gift card for some spa time. shortly thereafter dave directed me to the fridge and allowed me to lift the foil on two unknown objects. they were pies! my favorite, key lime (our local grocery store randomly, actually, had some of those tiny limes!) and a gourmet looking blueberry pie that was X-friendly. dave had gone to the grocery store after X went to sleep and acquired ingredients for mysterious things, i knew this much. he had a "secret" bag that i was not to unpack and that he said he would dive in to once i went to bed. he ended up staying up until 3:30a (things took way longer than expected) to create these perfect pies. and i will say it was quite exotic to have groggy whiffs of what i thought were lemon crepes coming into the bedroom. and to top off the cooking bonanza, dave also made maple-glazed salmon with a vegetable risotto for dinner. nom nom.

(licking her plate after her first piece of blueberry pie)

above and beyond this, i feel like the loveliest gift was that of daves time. he worked from home today and stopped working early to grocery shop (we went with him) and make dinner. the gift of his time is the most precious gift i ever get from him. i feel more and more that way about gifts in general. often my time (in-person, or even on the phone) is the best gift i can offer someone else too, which makes me sound lame, i realize. but i hate shopping, guessing, spending, worrying, being hopeful and then wrapping too much up into that "getting a reaction" part of opening the gift. i care about you, i want to spend time with you, i make the time (if i possibly can). im not saying others need to view this as the best gift in the world...to be condescended upon by yours truly, her highness of awesomeness. no. its more like, i try my hardest to make it to important events, i try to carve out weekday or weekend nights for chats from all those who request, i try to make special time for people when we are in town, i try, and i still fail. but when i succeed, i hope that the person knows that even though i didnt bring a trinket or a bauble for them, that i care for them very much and i am giving as much as i can. and it goes both ways. time is always the gift i want (well food goes a long way too). i have more memories around these two simple (and sometimes not so simple) things, than of any sparkly thing or monetary gesture. however, im not ungrateful for anything ive gotten, nor do i turn my nose up at those who do not share my gift receiving/giving view, this is just what im finding makes me both most comfortable and excited in the gift-giving realm. so, thank you again to dave for all your efforts, and for your time. i can never get enough.

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