24 July 2012

Tall ships festival

the tall ships festival was on for a few days here, we caught the last two days of festivities. 

im still not quite sure i understand the rules about what makes something a "tall ship" but it seems to be a big, impressive deal around here. actually, the last tall ships festival occurred july 16-20, 2009...ending a mere 2 days before we rolled in to town for the first time. people were still buzzing about the damned boats even then. and while i will say it was neat to see all the pirate ship-esque boats (the actual "pirates of the caribbean" boat was here, as well as, i guess, the "master and commander" boat), i wouldnt say it was the coolest thing ive seen in halifax. 

sunday (7/22):
after dinner we walked the harbourfront to see all the docked tall ships. i will say that that waterfront comes alive on summer evenings. its impressive, even more so compared to the amount of people that can be found on the waterfront in the evening in january. anyway, the tall ships were all of various lengths and styles and they were neat to see up close. there were even two from bay city, michigan (appledore IV and V).

the festival was such a draw they even had a "kidzone", aka an entire parking lot filled with inflatable funhouses. we bought a few tickets and X and i bounced in the "finding nemo" house and dave and X rode the train (the train conductor was easily the LEAST happy to be at work person ive ever seen). after the kid zone we walked further north along the water and saw a lot of child performers (dancers, drummers, violinists), and then the crowds got too thick for me. we turned around and debated waiting for the 9:20p fireworks. we ended up getting a good spot along the docks, in view of the firework barge so we attempted to wait it out...problem was, we waited 20 minutes beyond start time and still no fireworks. X was incapable of waiting any more, so we went home. enroute to our beds, we almost got rundown by a maniac in a truck. got my adrenaline pumping.


monday (7/23):
today was the day the tall ships were setting sail for good and leaving the harbour in the form of a boat parade. so, after lunch, we went down to check it out. most of the ships were heading to other nova scotia destinations before heading on to other ports or back home. we got there after the parade had started but the timing was great. there were tons of big boats still in the queue, and with all the sails up, i felt like i was seeing the end scene from "goonies". most of the tall ships fired off cannons every few minutes too, so it was an interesting version of a parade. smaller pleasure boats were also out, as well as some yachts. lots of the working boats were out and about too (police boats, pilot boats, tugboats, navy boats). every nautical sector seemed to be showing off. there were even helicopters getting fancy over the water.


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