08 July 2012

Say "i do" to the royal tattoo

after watching the canada day/tattoo parade 3 years in a row, we finally got tickets to the actual nova scotia royal tattoo show. Xs first mass entertainment experience.

"the tattoo" is basically a military/musical pageant interspersed with historical scenes (the queens diamond jubilee, titanic sinking, and the war of 1812 this year) broken up by dancing/comedic bits. the historical scenes were a bit cheesy but the rest of the show was quite entertaining. X was riveted for the 1.5 hours we were there. though the gun/cannon shots were a bit loud, she didnt cry.

the opening military musical pieces made me teary-eyed. something about uniformed people donating extra time and energy to bringing a part of their profession and its history to the civilians. its very moving (thus the thrust of the whole purpose of tattoo...military pomp and pride). aaaaaand the highland dancers with bagpipers made me cry. bagpipes always make me cry, i think its due to the major respect i feel for the players dedication. plus, its just a very emotional instrument. the pipers and dancers together also imparted an overwhelming energy. again, i appreciated that they were keeping this form of celebration alive, and i could almost imagine what the pipers and dancers would have exuded at true scottish festivals from centuries ago. their harsh landscape becomes lovely for a precious few months a year and to join clans and make time to put away work and hardship and celebrate life together must have really been a hell of a party. then, later in the show, there was a choir made up of widowed wives, fiances, and girlfriends of fallen soldiers. can you say waterworks? oy. thank goodness X was on my lap and couldnt see me being an emotional mess.

we left at intermission (there was still another hour to go!), but we had seen tons of stuff. im glad we got to go before leaving halifax. military pride was certainly oozing out of every pore by the time we left. the ticket prices are a bit high, but i would still recommend the show to anyone with the chance to see it.

*found a youtube video of the finale from this year, in case you are interested.
 **sidenote: apparently the friday night performance of tattoo included a real life wedding. two tattoo performers, one german and one local, met a few years ago at tattoo and wanted to get married during the show. cute! thus, the title of this entry...

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Mary Ann said...

It sure is hokey, but it sure is wonderful.