29 July 2012

FASCC 6 and pride parade

had some sushi and then headed over to the pride parade.

youd think i purposely planned to put these two events together on the same day just so the title entry could seem a bit dirty, but you would be wrong. we hadnt had an official FASCC meeting (at a new-to-us place) since before X was born. as luck would have it, original member, matthias, was in town for "holidays" and to visit his girlfriend (louise, who is also french). they were available for a weekend lunch date along with another local french friend, pauline (who louise had recently introduced to sushi for the first time). these were our lunch companions. so it really was a franco-american sushi club of canada!

anyway, we ate at the wasabi house. the service was quite slow, but the offerings were tasty. nothing that blew me away (the spicy tuna was rather mild, which doesnt impress me), but it was a solid sushi locale in halifax. win! they also offered fresh wasabi, which was a first for me. prices were decent, especially the lunch specials (even offered on weekends! and 10% off if you paid in cash). sharing the meal with some friends was also very nice. these french people we have located in halifax are so wonderful, and X loves them all. :)

(matthias and louise; pauline)

after food, dave dropped us (me and X) along the pride parade route (and then parked at home and walked up and tried to locate us...he never did). where we were (near the end-ish of the parade route) it took nearly an hour after parade start time to get to us. and when it did, it was a little disappointing. the crowd and floats were very energetic and its clearly the citys biggest draw (one of the biggest pride parades in canada actually), but the pacing and distance between floats, and the shear number of ho-hum floats made it impossible to stay until the end of the parade (when all the most bad ass floats finally arrive).

(the two best floats. dave took these pics. the first was supposedly very cool in person, cloth panels with people pushing out on them in various poses; the other was an update of last years coolest float, this year they did madonnas "hung up")

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