02 June 2012

Short hike at long lake

did another new park today. we are really trying to get the heck out of town on nice weather weekends.

today our destination was long lake park (the main "entrance"). the "parking lot" was crammed but the nice rugged trail was not super busy. we got a little lost trying to get to the big lake due to mud. in the meantime, X stepped in dog poop and (unknowingly) dave picked her up and spread the poop on his shorts (awesome). but, we did get to see pink lady slippers, so that somewhat offset the poo fiasco.

then we finally found our way out to the lake and its rocky "beach"/shore. for the rest of our time, we just played near the waters edge and threw rocks. it was not at all a taxing or ambitious park day. but we had fun and dave and i even renewed some of our competitive spirit during a game of rock tossing we created (yes, i realize that is a laughable statement). and, bonus, on our way back to the car we saw a real beaver damming up the creek! 

(had to stop on the trail at the first opportunity to throw rocks in the water; love this pic)
(on the rocky shore of long lake)

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