27 June 2012

Contract signed

its official, we are headed to finland in january. contract is signed.

first there was my long ago post about first job applications. then there was the sweden interview that had us contemplating northern europe for the first time as a new home. and then there was the round of applications that went in this past "season". a helsinki interview was offered in march, the visit was had in april, at which point an offer was given. after careful consideration, the offer was accepted and the contract phase ensued. two (long, to me) months later, the contract arrived in daves mailbox and he signed it and sent it back in today. this makes me happy for many reasons, not the least of which is that im excited that the lining of my stomach can finally start growing back. joy!

between my last finland job update and now, these other items occurred:
may 28 - daves halifax boss, chris, agreed to him being done with dalhousie work just before he attends the AGU conference in san fransisco in early december. thus, all three of us get to be together in michigan to sort out our stuff, make final preparations, ship our stuff off, and visit with family and friends. this is great to have confirmed. i think we will base ourselves in ann arbor for about 3 weeks in december. yay!

june 6 - the beginning of contract details came to dave. here are some highlights:
- a 4 year, tenure-track contract (upon positive evaluation, future contracts would arise). this contract laid out their expectations that will be used to evaluate getting tenure. its a little daunting, but he can do it.
- extra pay per month for being an international hire
- 6 weeks of vacation
- july "vacation bonus" money (most people take the entire month of july off)

*this is a permanent position: assistant professor, tenure-track. the next contract would be a 3 year contract that would make him associate professor. after that contract, if they like dave and he likes them, he would be tenured and able to stay on until retirement as a full professor.

**sorry i had to seriously delay posting about finland. i had to wait until the contract was signed. in case you didnt notice, i back-posted two entries that were written at the time but couldnt be posted until now. you can get to them from here:
-"Job offer...accepted!"
-"Heading to a new land in the new year"


Anonymous said...

Congrats Dave!! It is a good thing for your career and we are very proud of you.

billiam said...

So very exciting! Congrats to Dave for snagging the job and to both of you for making the decision! Hope to see you and meet (!!) Dex in Michigan this winter.