13 June 2012

2 year old photoshoot

we got our 2 year photos back today.

our local mom friend who did Xs pictures in october was able to do outdoor photos with us again. score! she was nearly full term preggo with her third on the day of the shoot, crazy lady. she was so great, she even got the pics back to us before giving birth. we had them done the first weekend in may in the public gardens. we had crap weather the weekend before, which was when we had originally planned them. and, as last time, we got some more good shots of all of us, so im pleased. and X was able to wear her little blue dress we bought her in iceland last year. yay!

here are some of our favorites, as well as the link to the full album.

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a happy little life said...

greetings from michigan! :)

what lovely photos! really such a beautiful family and gosh the photographer... she is a real trooper!
hope your summer is great! have had super weather in our travels.
xo tracie