21 May 2012

Victorias beach day

victoria day weekend here in canada, and today was a victorious day at the beach (see what i did there with the title for this entry? yeah, i know youre impressed by my middle school level skills).

after lunch, we packed up and drove out of town. destination: crystal crescent beach.

the last time we had been to this beach was when we first arrived in town, july 2009. i was excited to see it again after so long. also, last time we were there it was foggy, so i was interested in seeing the differences on a clear, sunshine-y day. on the way, X napped in the car. this was great because then she had the energy to play, play, play while we were out. when we arrived, the first thing we did was pop a snack in her hand and proceed on to the boardwalk paralleling the beach. what a gorgeous place: clear green/blue water, white sandy beach, weathered boulders and perfect (for me) beach temperature [~70 F].

(first view of the beach)

at first our goal was to do part of the hike we did last time but as we walked on i was drawn more and more to the beauty of the beach and the idea of playing and relaxing there. also, the trail was moderately busy and having to pull X to the side every few minutes was no fun for anyone. some things just arent so toddler-friendly. so we turned back just as we got to the edge of the nude beach and gave ourselves the chance to just hang out as a family and relax and be goofy.
(on the hike; X loves boardwalks; this is the water of the nude beach, for obvious reasons i did not point the camera in the direction of the sandy areas. we turned around after i took this.)

back at the clothed beach, we took off our shoes (risque!), dipped toes in the water (it was ~51 F!), built sand castles, and buried our feet in the sand. when we had had enough, we headed back to the car and had a huge snack on the way home. this pattern is working out great for us. we did it for the duncans cove walk when aunt megan and uncle courtney were in town too. somewhere 30-60 minutes away is easily doable if we go at a time of day when X can doze on the way there, get out and have a mega dose of activity and then get back in the car for a huge snack on the way home (keeping her both occupied and awake) and her bedtime wont be disrupted to boot! i think we can work with this for the summer. victorious!

(us at the beach; X and her custom-made sand boots; me attempting to touch the cold, cold water...we actually saw a college-aged bikini-clad girl jump in the water and fully submerge. she must be a local; another rare photo of dave relaxing. the last such photo was taken in iceland.)

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