14 May 2012

Lucky number 7

what you are to me has no name. the void you fill is inexplicable. i am not dependent on you for much, but without you things would be stale and stagnant. instead, lifes every memory, every feeling is filled with color and texture because it is shared with you. your love is warm, strong, comforting, and yet leaves me lots of room to breath...just like a beloved wool sweater. and while it may be itchy sometimes, it is still the only itch i wanna scratch. ;) happy anniversary nib. 

*the 7 year wedding anniversary gift is wool...my mention of the wool sweater is what i consider to be my gift to dave (youre all jealous you didnt marry me, i know). im not sure how many more years (see 4th, 5th, and 6th) i can keep up my extreme bending of these anniversary gifts (next year is bronze, linen, or lace...hmm), but we shall see.

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