03 May 2012

Heading to a new land in the new year

today the university of helsinki people agreed to an early january 2013 start date.

this was the first item of "business" to take care of: when can you arrive and be ready to work? im glad to have this piece of the pie agreed upon at least, and now a new round of anxiety ensues about the planning, organizing, and packing for the move (not to mention the anxiety, more strongly felt on daves end likely, about settling other contract details). dave needs to wrap up work here and attend various meetings (helsinki, san fransisco) at the end of the year. then i would like to be in michigan around early december. we need to collect all of our belongings in one place, purge what we dont need and ship the rest off to finland. then we hope to head to NY around christmas and take a direct flight to helsinki around new years day. this idea works in theory, and allows me time for some decent goodbyes. however, i have no idea how to successfully execute said plan. we shall see.

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