25 April 2012

Year 2X in review

the two year old round-up post (compare to last years).

the pictures (12 to 24 months in 9 images):

12 month weight: 22 lbs
24 month weight: 27 lbs
24 month height: 35 inches
number of teeth: 18
shoe size: 7
clothing size: 3T

new nicknames (used with at least some regularity): rup rup, kahlu-key-cheh, crazy sauce, wild wild animal, lady mc-baberson, goon-doggle, [bunny] buns

favorite go-to foods: bread, graham crackers, dried mango, dates, grapes, banana bread, pig meat

new friends born:
brooke m, sam c, everett d, lily e, owen g

new friends to come in 2012:
mister/miss barish, mister/miss jeffrey

trips taken:
- europe in june: france (rennes, grenoble, paris) and iceland
- michigan in july
- new york in november for thanksgiving (nyack, albany)
- boston in december for NYE
- florida in february for moms wedding
- finland in mid-april for daves job interview

best made-from-scratch kid song this year:
(to the tune of twinkle, twinkle)

puppy, puppy in the park
how i love to hear you bark
woof, woof, woof,
arf, arf, arf,
meow...how did that kitty get in the song?
puppy, puppy in the park
how i love to hear you bark

puppy puppy, how are you?
how i love to find your poo
look heres one. oh! theres another
dont step in it or youll anger your mother
puppy puppy, how are you?
how i love to find your poo

most favorite books: chicka chicka boom boom, one fish two fish red fish blue fish, dinner time, happy birthday to you, corduroy, press here

favorite activities: reading, playing with puppets, throwing rocks at the beach, learning about animals, playing with animals, seeing animals, stickers, playdough

words regularly able to read: X, zoo, up, no, hi, buzz, moo

a typical X day (as a 24 month old): up around 9a. breakfast and milling around until about 10-10:30a. go out to a playgroup or program. home for lunch. spend a couple hours with the babysitter. weather permitting, go outside with mama for a bit and/or run errands. dinner with papa at 6:30p. play for 2 hours (and/or take a bath). snack from 8:30-9p. bedtime by 9:30p.

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Emily Guffey said...

We made the list, woo hoo! :) I LOVE "Press Here". Owen thinks it's fun enough, but his mama confesses to reading it to herself on days when it seems nothing is going right! It's great positive feedback.