07 April 2012

Ladies night and the mood is...decent

i agreed to a "ladies night" when asked by a coworker of daves (janice). cant remember the last time i did this.

the "ladies night" was hosted by janices friend who she met while TA-ing (teachers assistant-ing). perhaps needless to say, i knew barely any of the 15+ faces there (and i was possibly the oldest one there, though that is not certain). specifically i knew janice, was acquainted with one other, and had a vague facial ID on another. other than that, i was totally out of my element. hell, i was out of my element in lots of ways: these were younger women, who were still in (grad) school, most were not married, and only janice and i were mothers (i believe). they also all seemed much more comfortable chatting and drinking wine and being social than i ever was (let alone now, when ive gotten so horribly out of practice at it).

the good news was that i fought the last minute urge to cancel and i didnt feel any more awkward than i would have 5 years ago at a similar function where i didnt know anyone. i also engaged in a lengthy conversation with a woman who i had never met until this event. i count these all in the positive column. maybe i will be able to re-acclimate to the regular adult world. one day.

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Cathy said...

yeah, awkward maybe, but at least you didn't back out! I feel like it gets less awkward the more you do it. good for you for getting out with (potential) friends! :)