08 April 2012

Egg-static about egg hunting

Xs first egg hunt was a huge success.

a playgroup friend invited us to an egg/treasure hunt at point pleasant park today. sure! it was a grey, breezy, cold day but the rain stayed away so that we could have a successful egg hunt. the spot was perfect for a egg hunt: a nice open area with an old wartime tower in the center. there were 19 hiding spots located on a hand drawn map.

X had never done this before so we had to show her what to look for and what to expect for the first few hiding spots. then, once she got it and found a few herself she was shaking with excitement and so proud of herself whenever she found one. in the end, she couldnt eat the snacks or chocolate eggs that were part of the hunt, but we had brought skittles, a X-safe chocolate square, and some banana bread to make amends. she didnt notice the difference and felt so giddy to be eating an entire chocolate square by herself (she normally gets a small bite of mine). she talked about the egg hunt the whole rest of the day and we played egg hunt back at home too. she gets a huge kick out of it.

(searching for an "egg" [they were really plastic bags with various things in them]; found one!; chocolate smile!)
(savoring it; cocoa smile with mama)

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