29 April 2012

Birthday bike bust and weekend redux redemption

due to Xs birthday falling on a tuesday, we had a two-part celebration.

on the day of (april 24):
it was a lovely rainy, windy, grey (yet warm-ish) day in halifax. dave and i had done up the toy room with blue streamers and flowers on the ceiling. we also laid out the gifts my mom and al had gotten her (with our gift to be revealed after dinner). dave had to go in to work before X woke up this morning so i took a long video of her entering the toy room. she loved her pots/pans, stickers, and underwater animals.

*click here to view the youtube video of her opening gifts. fair warning, it is long (14+ mins) and unedited. i suspect you will become bored with it long before it reaches its conclusion (she notices the gifts at around 01:45 and things start to get really dull after the 6 minute mark), unless you enjoy watching small children who are not your own doing inane things. *

after spending time with the babysitter, X and i went out for ingredients for her birthday muffins (because thats how terrible i am, i didnt get organized enough to surprise her with them). we had to go to two different grocery stores to get all the stuff. then, mercifully, dave came home early from work so i was able to make the muffins without any trouble.

after dinner we sang, ate the mediocre muffins and gave X our gift, a balance bike. epic fail: she is a bit too short for even the lowest setting on the bike. :( we hadnt even contemplated that happening. she happily hopped on it though (with our help) and we drove it around the house. we plan to leave it out in the main room so she can ask to ride on it whenever she wants and get slowly used to it that way. and when she is tall enough, she shouldnt have a problem taking to it quickly (with any luck).

(closing her eyes to make a wish?; pensive and hopeful that her wish comes true?; tasting the birthday muffin)
on saturday (april 28):
most of the day was just a regular saturday, but we did gather ingredients for her favorite dinner...chicken and dumplings. and before making that, we did a batch of maple syrup cookies together. yum! and then after the meal, we put two candles in a cookie and did the birthday song again.

(munching on a dumpling; sweet, sweet anticipation of the candles/cookie; taking the candle-blowing-out seriously; its done...over. not to be done again until next year)

so, did we neglect to give her a birthday party yet again this year? indeed. in late march i had the intention to sit down and think about it and plan...but then the job interview offer came and things went into upheaval for a bit. in the moments when i was able to think about it, i just couldnt convince myself that i would be having the party for anything other than to placate my feelings of guilt if we didnt have one. she still is at an age where she doesnt care either way. and when it matters, we will do a party. as it was, i think this year was still celebrated well (even though our gift cant be enjoyed until later).

to X i say "thank you for being my lifes greatest teacher. as we show you the world, you show us our true selves. may you always challenge others to rise to the occasion. may you always feel that you are loved. and may you always march to the beat of your own drum."


Emily Guffey said...

Dexter is such a pretty little girl! (No longer a baby -- when did that happen?!) I love her smile and her curls! It sounds like you had wonderful celebrations for her. That bike is awesome, and she'll grow into it before you know. What a beautiful blessing you wrote to her, too.

Mom/Marmee said...

Chicken and dumplings-your favorite food as a child!!! Isn't that amazing! Really, you couldn't get enough of those. That was your dad's special dish to make for you. Happy birthday Dexi!! You are a fun person to watch as you grow and to talk to.

a happy little life said...

hi popping in from aleksandra's blog 'if it's cold it's helsinki'..
i read your profile blurb and yelled out OMGEEEEE!!!!
i am in helsinki... i am from michigan!
i would so love to follow your blog, but did not spot a follow button.
sorry to write this on a birthday posting.
have a wonderful day. it was so nice to find your blog!