30 March 2012

Skypes the limit

really, there is no limit to how often i am surprised about the various ways there are to meet new people. 

so, once i knew dave and i were headed to finland for the interview, i posted a vague message on facebook. something like "finland. anyone been? thoughts." my boss (i really like this woman, and have found that facebook has been perfect for keeping these kinds of improbable relationships alive) from my public health internship in cheyenne, wyoming in the summer of 2004 told me she knew someone who was finnish. she emailed us both and left it up to us. then, i emailed this finnish woman, hannah, and wondered what (or if) i would end up talking to her about.

a couple days later, hannah responded with the most encouraging, enthusiastic pledge to aid me in the ways of finland i could ever have expected to get. it turns out her husband was a childhood friend of my ex-boss. hannah moved from sweden (though, she is finnish, born and raised) to minneapolis to start a life with him. and now they have a 1.5 year old daughter. are you following this so far? i can barely keep up. i couldnt believe my dumb luck to have (virtually) met a woman in a similar life situation to me and to be able to chat with her about the moderately obscure country of finland.

we set up a skype date, which elapsed due to both our children teething and not going to sleep at the proper time, and we finally connected today. we chatted for something like 1.5 hours! she was extremely helpful and enthusiastic (though she cautions me that she is no typical finn) and interested and engaging. she asked useful questions, gave helpful, thoughtful answers and we shared things about living as transplants. its too, too damn bad we cant live in the same city. although im sure we would likely never have met or realized what we have in common. leave it to something as random as a job interview and facebook to lead me to her. i love finding endearing people, and i am thankful to live in the age of computers and its (even pseudo)social connectedness that allows such meetings to occur. i'll take my human connection however and wherever i can get it these days.

now im wondering what will happen if we dont move to finland, we wont have a pressing reason to chat. but, perhaps we could figure something out... :)

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Mary Ann said...

Shades of Jan Jaques (sp.?). You seem to have a knack for finding warm -and helpful-people.