24 March 2012

Helsinki job interview invite

alrighty, dave got a job interview this "season". woot!

as i mentioned back in october, dave began applying for jobs that piqued his (and our) interest based on job description, impressiveness of the school, location, and prospects of an interesting life. he heard back today from university of helsinki. they extended an interview, and have invited me (and X) to accompany him. as with the sweden job application, the finland folks had their applicants externally reviewed and dave came back as the top rated applicant. two impressive-in-their field guys reviewed daves application and spoke very highly of him. im always pleased as punch (though not surprised) to hear that highly respected geologists have such positive opinions of dave. he seems to even impress the most arrogant and opinionated of scientists. he has a way about him. hes open-minded, honest, and he doesnt try to sell you anything. he can mix well with anyone, just like his mom, and he has a strong work ethic, just like his dad. you gotta respect that.

anyway, in case you are wondering "why finland?", i will tell you, sort of. they have the best education system in the western world and they hover near the "top in the world" list among the overworked students of south korea, singapore, and china. finland has been written about a lot lately for their education system (article #1, #2, #3) and i was enchanted every time i read about it. call it a parental sacrifice, but thats not really accurate. it was the driving motivation to allow dave to apply for the job, but there are other reasons, which i will mention further down the line, should the opportunity present itself.

so, we are flying to finland in mid-april for a mere 4 days with an impressively nightmarish 2 layover flight plan, both ways. im mentally gearing myself up for our most gruelling travel itinerary to-date (pre or post X) and we shall see how things unfold from there. i really want to arrive and give helsinki my best shot so i can soak up my best possible impression of it. i now realize that this may be what all my previous training in "all things challenging" has been leading up to. its daunting, as always, but im trying, above all else, to stay positive and open-minded. wish me luck!

also, as a non-side note, im very proud of dave, no matter the outcome. he is the leader of this gypsy pack and i would trust no one else to such a task.

and, as a side note, the university of helsinki is rated #89 in the ranking of "top universities in the world". fun fact: University of Michigan is #14 (beaming with pride and hugging my expensive degrees tighter after reading that). other factoids: dalhousie university is #234 and université de rennes 1 is #450+.


Sarah said...

Go Blue!

Julie Watt said...

Al, that is so exciting for all three of you! I've had a couple professors spend time in Finland to observe the education system, and the school that I student taught at last semester based its educational philosophy on the Finnish system. I'm jealous. Please tell Dave I wish him luck!

Go Blue :)

Emily Guffey said...

Very exciting for all of you! Keep us posted ...

Mary Ann said...

Again, thanks for the update. In terms of your family relocating, I believe that you are the linchpin. I'm glad to see that you are curious, excited, and intrigued by the whole process. Know that you are on my mind and I hope all goes well.