03 March 2012

Birthday brunch

got to celebrate daves birthday with a brunch date.

our babysitter was able to watch X this saturday, so we went out for brunch to celebrate daves 32nd. the weather was crummy (a rain/snow mix) but we were able to enjoy a nice, quiet, slow brunch at nectar social house. i had a huge plate of eggs, bacon, toast (with butter, eeps! and YUM), potato wedges, and fruit. i also splurged and got a cranberry mimosa. really unnecessary, but why not? dave had french toast with fruit and vanilla cream. he mowed it down fast so i have to assume it was good.

after brunch, we went next door to two if by sea for a giant cookie (for dave). and then we realized we still had an hour! what to do? we decided to drive up the road a short way to the fiddleheads toy store. we got lucky and were able to score Xs birthday present (a balance bike) for 15% off. in the process, we had a long chat with the store owner about the bike and parenting. it was weird to be talking about kids without our kid being actually with us. and thus, we kinda failed on this date to talk about something other than X or to not run errands, but the weather wasnt nice enough to allow us to go for a walk or anything, and this actually worked out well; we both picked out her gift in-person and we are able to surprise her with it.

im glad we were able to get out for some private time to celebrate daves birthday. his birthday means many things to me (his birth, our dating anniversary [12 years btw], memories of fun trips, etc), but these past few years ive realized that i most look forward to daves birthday each year because its my marker for spring being around the corner. usually right around his birthday we start to get those random no-jacket, sunny days and the flowers start thinking about poking out of the barren ground. daves birthday is when my new year truly starts, so, cheers to you dave. lets get the 2012 show on the road!

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Mary Ann said...

Another very nice entry. Thanks, Alyce. David is one lucky guy.