16 January 2012

Snooze-fest stylings from golden globes

during awards season i really do wish we had a tv, or at least some reliable access to live cable.

for the globes this year i did find a live web-feed from msnbc. it was just a cameraman in the photo line-up area and that was it. no commentary, no ridiculous questioning and "who are you wearing?" it was just the stars and their arrivals. i also got to listen to how the photographers yell at celebs to get their attention and turn their way. im sure this is the most demure the paparazzi ever get, and it was intense as a bystander! i cant imagine the pressure of being a first-timer on the red carpet!

i was not impressed with the fashion this year. i suppose since the globes are the warm up to movie award season i shouldnt be too shocked. but i was hoping for at least one standout favorite. nope. there were a few pretty ones and a handful of questionables but that was all. i did find that the young beauties ive followed over the last ten years are starting to look old. this is not a biological shock, but it kinda weirds me out. as for the actual show...i dont know. i didnt get to watch all of it (X duties) but i caught a few laughs, and sweet speeches, and i caught some lame jokes and speeches. it wasnt as boring a show, in terms of flow, as i think ive seen in the past though. i felt like all eyes were on ricky, hoping too much for him to make them laugh. and then once he did, they started bleeping him and everybody else. how lame has cable gotten!?

highlights and mentionables from the awards show: 
-rickys early jokes were funny, although it seemed like they reigned him in toward the middle-end. then he seemed like he just wanted to leave.

-michelle williams acceptance speech with her sweet expression of love for her daughter. awwww.

-i love husband and wife presenter teams (my fav was reese and then hubby ryan from the 2002 oscars) because they are always charming and comfortable with each other (not surprisingly), and this year william h macy and wife felicity huffman were cheesy good fun.

-i loved madonnas quick wit, charm, and confidence after rickys joke. she gave it right back to him. THAT woman doesnt age. im pleased to share a birthday with her.

-also loved colin firth giving it right back to ricky. LOVE that man. he is fabulous. cannot get enough.

-ummm, meryl streep is a wackado. during every speech ive seen her give i am SO confused. AND they give her 15 minutes on stage to make an ass out of herself. i cant understand her behavior and i hate that they seem to play favorites and let her jabber forever.

overall sentiments: 
-the older (unfortunately, by "older" i think i mean 45+) ladies stole the show, beauty-wise (minus madeline stowe and julianna marguiles, eeks). looking good were jane fonda, helen mirren, meryl streep, michele pfeiffer and madonna. i dont even care what surgery they may have had, they just look damn good!

-i am SOOOOOO over george clooney and his sauve image, revolving door of girlfriends (try and convince me he's not really a rock hudson [sexy but gay], or at least a cary grant [sexy but bi]), and his easy breezy 'life is just a game and everyone thinks im charming' routine. it is SO blah to me.

(emma stones dress was fairly simple, but elegant and really suited her; evan rachel wood kinda bugs me but her dress was really lovely; sarah michelle gellar...eeps. what is this?)
(reese i have no idea why you chose this dress. it does nothing for you; i love elle but she looked like an absolute giant in this; and charlize looked nice from afar, but she is really aging fast. must be the smoking)
(madonnas dress was very "her"; and helen mirren always looks so well put together and knows her body, her age, and what works for her)

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