05 January 2012

The day the jacket (finally) died

um, well, my puffy north face jacket died a quiet death on january 4, 2012. it lived a long and healthy 13 years before finally succumbing to old age. RIP buddy, we had some great times...

it was a balmy 17F with "feels like" temperature of 1F outside. this proved to be the final straw for mr puffy. i came in from the frigid and the warm air that greeted us must have made mr puffy feel as though he was being beckoned toward the white light because his immediate reaction was a fatal zipper failure. the complicated zipper literally flew off the jacket and become no less than three separate pieces. this instant rigor mortis actually trapped me in the jacket and it was all i could do to squeeze the jacket off over my head to get it off. upon inspection i decided the zipper could not be resuscitated.

i originally bought this jacket back in my senior year of high school (1999) to take on my first big ski trip (and first airplane ride) to whistler/blackcomb with my boyfriend-at-the-time phil and his family. i got it at a north face outlet in the mens section. it was a warm yet ugly jacket, but it served me well and i couldnt bring myself to get rid of it over the years. well, he must have finally had enough of me, or halifax, and he split. but, he had the kindness and decency to desert me at a perfect time of winter...all the stores are starting to move out their heavy winter gear.

he was a reliable good buddy who helped me make some lovely memories, and for that i am very grateful. below is a brief timeline of our adventures together:

(the jacket on blackcomb mountain in 2000; the jacket making snow angels in ann arbors bandemer park on a snow shoe walk in 2004; the jacket relaxing in a notch in the wall in dublin in 2008) 
(the jacket with dave in blomidon park in nova scotia while pregnant in early 2010; the jacket with X during her first winter in early 2011; one of the last known photos of the jacket alive in late 2011)

[sidenote: you may see that ive apparently had the same red gloves to accompany mr puffy for at least 8 years. no wonder they have so many holes in them. they have also been declared legally dead]

in mr puffys place, i have secured my first womens north face jacket. a triclimate jacket with a rain jacket shell and inner down layer in the rich color of eggplant. i got it 50% off and thus was able to stomach the idea of buying north face outside of an outlet store. welcome aboard "lady of the layers" i hope we have as many memorable adventures together...


Mary Ann said...

I love this entry! There's something to be said about keeping stuff (I'm not very good at that, more of a pitch-it person). But I'm seriously thinking about keepin my Subaru when the lease is up. Wouldn't that be different?

Trav said...

lady of the layers. you're so silly, sweetheard