11 December 2011

Tis the season

holiday parties and the start of the 2nd birthday parties. eeps!

-thursday (12/8): my work party, at a country club. nice place, and kid friendly with areas to run and even had "safe" decorations (read: not easily broken). they made two separate dinner plates especially for X and i. we sat near an exit and the evenings musicians. and we magically ended up at a table with two colleagues who i actually knew (i only knew about 20% of the people at the party...a hazard of working from home). my new boss (mark) had his kids there too and i got to meet his adorable daughter, beatrice. X charmed the pants off of everyone she met and she had absolutely no issues with being at the party. a huge success!

-friday (12/9): after dinner we went down to the christmas market on the waterfront for a free carousel ride. X was waaaaaaay more enamored with the carousel this time, compared to when she first rode one in france. and that was fine by us, this one was free! we rode the thing 4 times. i think we will have to go back later this weekend too.

(carousel ride!)

-saturday (12/10): our first birthday party for a two year old. mr harrison. what a sweetie. this kid is gonna have a lot of ladies chasing after him when he gets older. his party was a mix of grandparent aged family and toddlers. and it totally worked. the older folks fawned and the kids played SO well together. several of our mom group ladies were there and everyone had a nice time in the 1.5 hour time span. im thinking this will be the last year where the parties are this chill. i envision screaming and fighting kids next year, but maybe i will be pleasantly surprised.

got back from the birthday party and dave went to frisbee while X and i had down time. when dave got home we rebooted for daves work party. a curry buffet. hell of a great idea. the hosts (daves boss who lives, literally, right across the street) made rice and some seafood curries and the rest of the guests brought a curry of their choosing. we made a mild lentil curry so X could safely partake, and i was able to enjoy a spicy beef, spicy lentil, and mild chicken curry that were fabulous.

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