21 November 2011

New-to-us things in town

this weekend we actually found and did some things that were new to us. i love that we had some new entertainment in a city weve lived in for almost 2.5 years and nearly shuts down in winter.

saturday night was the santa parade. we had actually attempted this last year, but bailed after only half a dozen floats because of the miserable weather and smokers. this year the weather was dry, but still very windy and chilly. the parade route came within a block of our new apartment, so we were happy we didnt have to make much effort to attempt the parade in this weather. we got out at about 6:30p (parade started at 6p) and the parade came down our way 15 minutes later...for the most part the parade was lame. tons of worthless floats, only two or three cool marching bands, and LOTS of lag time in between chunks of the parade. santas float came after a solid 5-10 minute break of NO parade floats. and then his sleigh was totally wimpy and lame. X toughed it out for the whole parade though (we got back home at 8p). we asked her if she wanted to leave early, but she didnt. she stayed to see santa, even though she had no idea who he was, and then she desperately wanted to get home and have her hands warmed up. me too!!

(dressed for the parade and wearing her new stonz booties)

sunday was still windy, but warmer. we tried out a new park that a mom friend had mentioned. frog pond. the trail was gorgeous: wooded, lots of rocks and tree stumps for slightly older kids to have a blast climbing on, a beautiful pond, a nice boardwalk, a good distance walking loop around the pond and it was an easy drive to get to it. im definitely looking forward to getting back here in the spring. i wasnt expecting it to be such a lovely spot.

(got her pine cone; chucking it in the pond; making faces with papa)

on the way back from frog pond, i located a european deli another mom friend had told me about. it was closed, but now i now i know where it is and i will be back to investigate!

and lastly, i saw my first movie in a movie theater since we lived in france. its been a long time since i mustered up the money, patience, time, and energy to get to the movie theater (okay, energy is a bit of a stretch). i was restless for some vegetative alone time on sunday night and broke down and told dave to watch X while i slipped away to watch..."breaking dawn: part 1". yes, the 4th installment of the twilight saga. THIS is what i went to the movies to see. stone me to death if you want...but i had...a GREAT time. nothing beats the big screen. even if it means i have to wade through all the ads and previews at the beginning (30 minutes worth!). and the icing on the cake was that the movie was actually as good as i had hoped. all the actors finally seemed to feel comfortable playing their characters and they were able to kind of laugh at themselves too. they stayed true to the book as well as doing things up hollywood style. i had a really good time. it was a fluff movie, but it was done well and i left a satisfied customer. im now itching to see "part 2" of course, and it also reminded me to get out and treat myself to that kind of thing once in a while. movies really can take you away, and whether they are gritty oscar-winning stories or light, fun teen flicks...if they have the right balance and magic, it just works. and it makes me smile and cry at the same time.

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Mary Ann said...

I love it that you got so much happiness in watching a movie. I've been slogging through a steady stream of early 30's light comedies on tv and it has NOT been a satisfying experience. I hope I can watch a rewarding film in a movie theater soon. Something sentimental and sad. I need a good cry. I would never criticize any of your movie choices. Just enjoy. Do it for me.