01 November 2011

Trick or treating

kiddos first trick or treating. hilarious.

first of all, X successfully wore her ladybug costume all day without spilling on it or peeing through it. win! and then, a little after 6p, we did a loop around our block for candy. we had a little brown bag with us and had tried to tell X the main idea of trick or treating before we went out. i think she thought i was crazy.

(the costume, once again)

the first few houses we hit she got mad when she had to put the candy in the bag that she had just gotten her hands on. -- why mom!? why!? you just told me to pick that piece of candy up...and now i have to ditch it in the bag? i see no purpose to this cruel and silly "holiday"! -- it was clearly rather confusing. we did about 5 houses and finally, by the last house, she seemed to be understanding the procedure a bit better: ring bell, person opens door, say "trick or treat", pick out candy, put candy in bag, say "thank you", and go to another house.

when she got home and surveyed her candy bag, there were only three pieces of candy in there she could eat. and i ate two of them. ha! like she needs that stuff. but one or two bites of candy and she was hooked. all we heard was "candy, candy, candy" and "halloween" around the house for days. and she did seem to like the spirit of halloween in general. the people outside, the costumes, the other kids, talking to people, the glowing pumpkins, the unusual decorations. im sure we will have much more fun next year.

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Mary Ann said...

Yes, there is always the cuteness factor, but Dexter looks downright chic in that costume. Can a kid that little make a statement, style-wise?