10 October 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 - round one

our first real canadian thanksgiving feast! and we didnt even have to do the slaving in the hot kitchen. :)

back from our valley trip, we had time to regroup a bit before we headed over to janice and mikes for dinner. tomorrow is canadas thanksgiving but they were making an early feast. they were going to cook the whole sheh-bang even if we werent coming, but it was heavenly to get the invitation to their bountiful table. janice was thoughtful enough to make several things without dairy so X and i could be included (happily) in the meal. plus, coming home from a small excursion in the middle of a holiday weekend meant grocery stores would be packed or closed and we were tired. the idea of not having to cook was very enticing. it meant we had to get back in car, but it was worth it for a thanksgiving meal with friends. :)

we did try to donate one dish to the holiday table, however, the salad went totally bust when dave discovered more than a half dozen snails and slugs were hiding in the lettuce he had rinsed. with no time to get back out to a grocery store, all we had to offer was a fresh jug of valley apple cider. the table was more than packed with food though. janice likes to cook and had worked hard all day. i was able to heap my plate with turkey, corn, broccoli, squash puree, rolls, and a gallon of gravy. that stuff was dairy-free and tasty, and seeing as how gravy is always my favorite condiment (when done right), i poured it on liberally. made my day.

X ate pretty well too, but then she pooped shortly after dinner and was whining in pain about her butt (some of the irritating foods from the weekend must have been in there). of course we didnt bring a spare diaper with us, but thankfully janice lent us one of their cloth diapers (hooray!) and we were able to fix the situation somewhat. it was soon apparent, however, that X just needed to be home to get comfortable, run off the last of her energy, and crash into bed after her long weekend of activity. so we kind of ended up dining and dashing. i guess thats the way things go when kids are involved. but hopefully it meant janice was able to have a relaxing, quiet evening after a whole day of cooking. it was great to see then though, and awesome to have gotten the invite. it sure beats the first canadian thanksgiving we were in town for. :)

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