17 October 2011

Photo finish to the week

a nice family day and nice weather combined on our scheduled outdoor photo shoot. hooray!

we started the morning with a pancake and bacon breakfast. dave found a great dairy-free pancake recipe recently and adding blueberries to it makes them like straight-up crack for X. she also enjoyed the fact that papa let her stand on a chair and watch him make the pancakes.

(consulting the stirring job papa is doing)

after fueling up, we donned our sunday decents and headed over to dalhousies campus to meet our photographer. she is actually a mom in our original mom group. she was kind enough to make time in her busy family schedule to take Xs 18 month pictures. while the leaves hadnt quite started to turn yet, we had a nice backdrop of the schools old buildings. all we really wanted were candid family shots, us playing, nothing too posey-posey.

(i absolutely love what we got back. very us.)

after pictures, we went home for lunch and nap time. after the nap, i took X down to the park and we played in the sand of its "beach". the weather had turned a bit cooler, but we enjoyed ourselves until dinner. dave made a new soup recipe, a bean stew; one of the few lovely things about cold, yucky weather. and this soup was a winner (minus the bloating produced by the added ham steak bits). X loved talking about the beans, carrots, ham, and dipping the bread into the soup. it was a fun family meal. and a nice family day.

* here is the link to the full album of shots from the day (well, these are the favorites, our full album had 458 pictures!) *

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nlk731 said...

I love that Dex has Dave's hair. The one of her hugging her is like a blast right out of your wedding photos!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!