16 October 2011

Noc-turne[d] out to be an entertaining night

went out for "nocturne: art at night" after dinner tonight.

the weather was great today and as the moon came out the temperature was still holding steady. last year was chillier and we had jumped out of the house right at the start time of the event and were a bit disappointed. this year we hung out at home until the event had been "on" for 30 minutes. then we put X in the stroller and hit the town.

it was a great fall evening. cool, dry, and a little breezy but very comfortable in a light fleece. we had gotten a program in advance and starred all the exhibits nearby that were of interest. the first few we encountered were duds. i was trying not to get too bummed when we decided to hoof it up citadel hill and check out the installation there. in the old army barracks an artist had suspended a lit "connect the dots" (if you will) of the ursa major constellation out in the middle of the open grounds of the barracks. it wasnt terribly impressive but it was interesting in that you had to look up, at the sky, to see the piece. X loved craning her neck and we even laid down on the ground under it a few times to get a better look.

and then she was over it, and started walking. she walked right out of the citadel hill barracks and down the front "lawn" toward downtown. and then we realized she must literally be marching to the beat of her own drummer, because we heard music. drums. we were clearly walking in the direction of the noise, but we didnt know where it was coming from, this hadnt been in the nocturne program. so we scrambled downhill in the direction of the music and found the drum circle in the grand parade square.

apparently this was the first night of "occupy nova scotia" (i guess an event to show solidarity with "occupy wall street") and these people were not associated with nocturne at all. good night to start up the occupation though. i wormed our way all the way into the outer ring of the dance circle and swayed and bounced/jumped X to the beat of the drums. they were a lively and alluring bunch, despite the body odor and, lucky us, the drum circle went on for several minutes, ending with a few short whistle blows after the drums had sped up to hyper-speed. X was entranced. absolutely loved it. and she was very angry when they stopped. she didnt scream but she was not happy and kept asking for more, more, more.

we finally pulled our mini political activist away from the hippie den and kept moving down the street toward more art. she was able to see a saxophonist, bubbles floating in the air, some people in bird masks "tweeting" live, firedancers from the halifax circus, a reverberating guitar, some phantom "buildings" suspended in trees, and a glow house.

id say it was a pretty successful night. definitely better than last year in every way. it is such a great event though. getting people out on the streets, interacting with art, with each other. getting them to think and to share. its a great thing. so great in fact, that it took X an hour to wind down for bed time after we got home. so it goes.

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