13 October 2011

The latest in our life limbo

maybe its time for an update about daves ongoing job search.

tis the season for applying for professorships (usually october - december-ish). since i couldnt remember the last time i talked about this topic (and a quick search back in my archives isnt answering my question, except to remind me of daves stockholm interview last year), i thought i would post something about this. in case anyone is interested.

there are a few intriguing positions this "season" that fit both daves particular skill set and are in desirable locations. he keeps a list of those postings that peak his interest and then sends out feelers to the school to see if it is worth it for him to apply. upon getting those replies, he then thinks about it further to really look at the application process and how working at the school would affect his career. if he still likes what he sees after this, we discuss our thoughts on the challenges that living in that particular place would bring. if things feel manageable at this point, he scrapes together the time to put an application in. then, with any luck, they ask for his references, and on the down the line he possibly gets a job interview. along this path, we think more seriously about our chances of having a happy life in the particular location and school.

as you can see its quite a process and its highly volatile. i try not to get my hopes up and envision my life in any one place too vividly. but of course, we do need to think about the possibility of moving and if this place would suit us. its hard to learn to set your brain and your heart in limbo and think through these job postings. for this reason, this is the least talked about subject on this blog. first of all, most of it is actually happening to dave, so its not fully my place to write about. second of all, it requires BIG decisions and thoughts within our own little family before these feelings and facts are able to be digested by friends and family. i realize i share every minute and probably dull detail on here about parenthood and whatnot, but this area feels very private. thus far, this "season" dave has put in a few applications, with thoughts about putting in a few more. we shall see what comes of things.

and lets not forget, hes currently working for a highly regarded (near?-)genius in his field. the guy likes and respects dave and is still excited about guiding dave in his projects. dave is well paid and life is as comfortable as could be hoped for here. we arent going to make any rash decisions just to get ourselves out of here and in to something permanent but dissatisfying. winters are not fun here, travel out of halifax is expensive, and making friends hasnt been easy, but right now these arent big enough reasons to abandon ship and settle down somewhere we arent fully committed to.

so there you have it. the gist of the message (to you, and to myself) is: hang in there, and stay tuned. :)

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Trav said...

so long as we don't abandon the dream of living next door to each other, i'm cool *smile*