30 October 2011

Ghouling weekend

had a non-relaxing weekend that involved being at the whim of the cooling fall-winter temperatures. 

so dave had an ultimate frisbee tournament in wolfville on saturday called "the tournament of ghouls" (halloween themed obviously). i had debated all week about accompanying him or just dealing with single parenting it for the day. i had basically settled on staying behind in halifax, when dave convinced me to get organized and book a b&b in wolfville for friday night so we could be with him. surprisingly, things all came together at the last minute (b&b booking at a place just down the road from the playing field, roasting a chicken and making pasta in order to have X food with us, and packing our bags). 

after rush hour and during dinner time, we hit the road to wolfville. dave was able to feed X in her car seat and talk to her, play with her, entertain her happily until we made it to the b&b (about an hour and 15 minute ride). we checked in to the b&b, settled in and called for takeout dinner for ourselves. we decided on the library pub because they were still open, we had eaten there before (shockingly, for the exact same weekend 2 years ago), and their menu was better than deep-fried everything that the other pub in town was offering.

after dinner, we occupied the bulk of the time before Xs bedtime with a long splash in the jacuzzi. our room had a nice deep one. dave could actually get in and stretch out his legs and be comfortable. i thought X might get scared by the sound of the jets, but in fact she loved them. she loved the whole idea of the jacuzzi. and it was deep enough to feel like the pool to her. she played for like an hour in there with dave, throwing her little ball and splashing like a maniac. it was much easier to clean up at the b&b than in our bathroom at home so we let her go to town. it also helped her burn off the energy required to get her to sleep.

and bedtime went well. however, there must have been soy in the bread from my burger that i got for dinner. grrrr! i had a bit of a rough nights sleep in bed with X, but i think dave barely noticed from the safety of his own comfortable double bed. at least he got good rest for his tournament the next day.

he got up early on saturday and had breakfast and came back with a tray of food for me to eat in the room. that was nice to not have to navigate the main dining room alone with X for breakfast. then dave ran off to his game and i ate most of the food before X woke up. then we packed up and suited up for a day spent mostly outside in chilly temperatures. we were treated to sunshine (thankfully) but the temperature was hovering somewhere uncomfortably near freezing. after his first game, dave came back and checked us out of the b&b...now the rest of the day we were without a private bathroom/space to hang out in if we got cold or tired.

once checked out we drove down to a central public parking lot that allowed us access to daves field and all the goings on in town without having to move the car again. dave had a little extra time to spend with us, so we found our way into the towns farmers market. what a lovely place. much smaller than halifax but so much more alive with community and charm. great old wood floors made the space that much more inviting and the wide selection of produce, crafts, hot prepared foods, and live music gave the place pitch perfect ambiance. dave bought a giant coconut macaroon that could have been a paper weight (it cost only $3.50!), i got a little bottle of apple cider, and we snagged a beautiful dark walnut horse that had wheels attached from a local toy maker (X instantly melted to the floor when we handed it to her and started pushing it around the floors of the market. vroom vroom!).

and then it was time for dave to get back to playing. we watched his game until we got cold and then went into the athletics building and caught a hockey game going on. X was enthralled and really enjoyed the zamboni, it was a new favorite word for the afternoon. and then it was nap time. the sun had warmed the car up enough to be really pleasant inside, so i thought we could lay down in there with the windows cracked and have an almost normal nap time experience. ha. i nursed her to groggy and tried to lay her down. she wasnt having any of it. we then played in the car for almost an hour thinking she might eventually conk out. nope!

then i had to abandon nap time hopes and look for food for lunch. i had been craving food from the place in town called "vegetarian lunchbox" which i had been told had switched names and was now "rolled oat". either way, when we walked down to the restaurant...it was closed! ugh! now i had no idea where i was going to easily be able to walk in and get food. i was really hungry! in the end, i had to resort to a subway sandwich.

while choking it down, we wandered into acadia universitys art centre. the exhibition going on in the art gallery was not a good idea for X (think wide open room filled with wires and little things strewn on the floor), so we wandered around the halls near the theatre and found a great place for climbing. thank goodness, because at least i got a break from entertaining her. and then...i broke down and told her i was just going to bounce her to sleep in the carrier because i knew she needed rest and i needed a break too. i bounced her in the ergo and reclined in the car with her on me for a short nap. then we only had about an hour or so left of daves tournament before we could go home. by now the sun wasnt providing much warmth and the temperature was biting. we spent the rest of our time in the athletics building burning off energy.

when we were finally ready to go home (daves team got second place), everyone was tired. i drove home while dave entertained X. we picked up dinner on the way back in to town, ate, unpacked, and tried to do as little as possible until bedtime. it had been a quick little trip, but it was tiring. some of it was fun and it was certainly great that we packed up so smoothly and can now manage that part of travel very well, but the part about being outdoors all day without a safe haven was a little hard. camping will definitely only be attempted by us, for now, in very warm weather.

but, as it turns out, it was kinda nice to have spent half the weekend outside, because sunday was a beast! we had mega wind gusts, rain/rain/rain, and it was COLD! we had to force ourselves out of the house to help X burn off energy: the farmers market, the library. and then night time darkness came. thankfully dave had a new and awesome beef stew going on the stove that everyone loved. it made the day a little brighter. and after stew, dave took X to the coffee shop down the street to get out one last time before bed.

whew! what a weekend!

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