23 October 2011

Boo-b-tacular (early) halloweekend

had ourselves some scary good times this weekend. an early halloween.

first came the scary. *TMI alert* friday night after X nursed herself to sleep i felt like my nipple was being stabbed repeatedly while simultaneously being burnt off my body. it was so awful i had to sleep topless and without a blanket (and no, this was not as sexy a scene as you were picturing, unless you are turned on by someone twitching, wincing/gasping/groaning in pain, and slathering lansinoh on their skin. on second thought, im sure there is an entire niche fetish area devoted to things like that, for you i say...stop following my blog!). by morning i was feeling achy and fatigued and frightened that i was on my way to mastitis again. dave was alerted to the fact that he was on X duty for the day so i could hope to nip this thing in the bud (pun intended).

to break up the monotony of laying around, shuffling through the house, and generally being grumbly, we decided to carve one of our two pumpkins saturday night to give X something to do. unfortunately, the idea of putting her hand inside the pumpkin to scoop gooey stuff out seemed offensive to her. the kid who does and touches dirty and gross crap on a daily basis apparently felt this was too yucky, even for her. im shocked! although she did like the end result (she decided the pumpkin needed a mustache and some tears).

 (showing her what i pulled out of the pumpkin; taunting her with gooey strands of pumpkin "hair")

that night i came to bed with the timidly hopeful wish that in the morning my pain would all be behind me. and for the most part that was true. thank goodness! so i felt like it was okay for us to go to a playdate halloween party we had been invited to. one of the moms from our original preggo group hosted a costume party in their new, lovely house in hammonds plain. we were the first to arrive, which was good for X to be able to get acquainted with all the toys in the basement before a million kids were there. and she got some quiet time with the hostess, miss havyn, the peacock. so cute. all the kids and their costumes just makes you smile.

(X the ladybug; sharing with havyn the peacock)

and even once everyone arrived, everyone got along very well with each other. no screaming or fights. there were a lot of kids and adults in a confined space, and everyone seemed to have a great time. it was really fun being with all the nice moms again, some of whom i havent seen since the kids were still crawling. looking forward to the next time we have an excuse to gather together. also, added bonus, on the way out, we saw a deer in their backyard. it was very still and stayed for a long time, so X got a good look at it.

so, you see, a scary fun halloweekend.

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