10 September 2011

Saturday score

shopping actually brought me joy today!

we woke up to a lovely day outside and the need to get a few errands done. we drove over to dartmouth in order to get several things done in one stop. first we hit up kent (a "home depot" equivalent) for a few odds and ends that would make apartment life easier and more comfortable (better faucet sprayers, hooks for the kitchen, a wrench, light bulbs, etc). while we were there i was reminded how totally awesome home improvement stores are for kids (the showroom displays, tools, fun carts, buckets of little things to pick up and contemplate, brooms to push, etc)! of course she got a little dusty, but X had a blast. i think we are going to find some little projects to do this winter just so we have somewhere moderately fun to go on the weekends and let X burn off steam. we also happened upon some cute animal wall decals and dry erase wall art. fun additions to the apartment for all!

after all the home improvements fun, we crossed the parking lot to the store called "tag". their kids clothes are different and fun and brightly colored. i found two cute striped shirts for $7 each and some funky, bright socks. and then it was lunch time, so said the grumpy toddler. we drove back in to halifax and picked up some lunch. on our way home we spotted a yard sale going on at the YMCA. we saw an easel/chalkboard! dave took X home in the stroller while i bought and carted the easel ($5!) to the car. it had been on our list of things we were wanting to get for her, so i was glad to find it cheap. i cleaned it up at home while she ate lunch and for the rest of the afternoon she was asking for chalk and to "draw, draw, draw."

nap time finally hit and dave went out to get fixings for grill pan pizza. our yummy pre-football game dinner. as game time neared i took over X duties while papa watched the game on his computer. he was lucky to be able to catch the first night game at the Big House and see a cloooooooose game won by his beloved wolverines (indeed, they are my beloved wolverines too, but i havent been able to watch them on tv in years, so ive been a little detached lately. unfortunately.).

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Mary Ann said...

Okay. Shopping. Joy. I THINK I get that.