16 August 2011

Me so 30

im 30 today.

this age never scared me. i think its because i was never interested in taking advantage of all that your 20s are supposed to offer: frequent partying, a sexy youthful body (my sexy body never arrived in the mail), a carefree and/or self-centered lifestyle, being indecisive. i know lots of people need to get that kind of stuff out of their system in order to be a happy, functional older adult, but i think ive been hovering around 30 since i hit puberty. i guess this means i was pretty square for much of my life, but it also means i am very comfortable with myself now, and with my age.

anywho, X let us sleep in on my birthday. win! as we got up and made our normal morning movements around the house and kitchen, i decided to take Xs diaper off and interest her in her potty in the bathroom. she semi-obliged and peed and pooped on the floor right next to the potty. i counted this in the win column because she specifically came in to the bathroom to go on the floor. at least she is able to listen to her body and hold it until she gets to where she wants to go. and we got to wave bye bye to the poop as it went down the toilet.

(diaperless X giving me birthday smiles)

after these lovely X "gifts", we set off toward my birthday lunch. eating at a restaurant while being non-dairy has been no fun, so i chose a burger place we'd been wanting to try, thinking at least i could get a quality hamburger and hope to enjoy it without cheese. i pretty much got what i was looking for.

i walked X in the stroller over to CUT grill down on the waterfront. on our way we saw lots of fun action: a horse drawn tourist "carriage" and construction equipment at work (the excavator-mounted jackhammer was a major win for us on our "see it in action" construction score card). then, the restaurant gave us a seat outside that was directly in front of a manhole that was being serviced. this would have pissed me off in my pre-kid days, but we were able to position Xs high chair so that she had a perfect, close-up view of the crane lowering and raising a hook that was winding cables up out of the sewer. best free entertainment shes ever had, and it made for a calm lunch. aside from all the "up, up, up" talk and squeals of delight.

and lunch itself? was okay. it was really nice just to be eating outside (food that we didnt cook), on a nice day, with both dave and X. i ordered the kobe beef burger with no cheese. i forgot to get bacon and/or sauteed mushrooms, which probably would have upped the "oompf" but it did come with three dips (homemade ketchup, mustard, and truffle mayo...i was partial to the mayo). the burger tasted like it was glazed with something that made it sweet-ish. which to me made the burger less than manly, and i was kinda looking for a good, basic juicy patty on a bun. thus, in the end, it wasnt worth the high price tag for me.

thankfully, the second meal we ordered wasnt a burger. we also ordered an asian lunch tray. in bento box style portions we had thai chicken and glass noodles, fried vegetable dumplings, pita crisps and veggie dip. this meal was also ho-hum, but at least we got a variety of flavors and X seemed to enjoy tasting some new things. im glad we went for lunch and didnt pay the dinner prices but we had a nice experience all the same.

the rest of the day proceeded like any other, which was fine with me. i have future appointments for a massage and mani/pedi to look forward to, and i have a new hat and new purse to give my sad wardrobe a pseudo punch. im ready for my 30s. :)

(all of us at CUT)


Mary Ann said...

On you, thirty never looked so good.

Trav said...

30 rocks! (do you love my pun? do you think tina fey would approve?) i think i hit my 30-stride early, too. tony used to yell at me because i rounded up my age somewhere around 27 (he'd literally freak out when i said that i was thirty-ish...)

btw, which purse? there were lots i loved on the site!