01 September 2011

Down the osteo-path

visited an osteopath today.

the appointment was for X, with the goal of easing her tummy troubles (and in the process, her sleep issues). i had heard (way back during the newborn stage) that osteopaths can REALLY help with colicy babies. but, we figured out her dairy thing early enough that i figured we wouldnt benefit further from osteopathy. plus, X never had the typical colic behaviors.

anyway, during my birthday massage the therapist suggested an osteopath (again) for X (yeah, i chat through my massages, i cant help myself). i decided to find a local practice and make an appointment. the sleep deprivation was becoming too much for me (she had recently even ramped up to 4-6 wakings per night!) and i was tired of being a food detective. you may be wondering at this point about that naturopath (and resulting probiotic treatment) we saw. it seemed to take the night wakings and tummy troubles down a notch but things were still not at a desirable level. plus, i didnt feel i really connected with the naturopath and so i wasnt really interested in going back to her.

so, today was the osteopath appointment. we saw a nice guy who had studied in england and has a daughter close in age to X. after X warmed up to him, he was able to work on her. he said her diapragm was quite tense/tight, the left side of her digestive tract was tight/twisted, and the tissue on/near the skull plates near the vagas nerve were very tight. she didnt seem bothered by him when he worked on her tummy/back, although she was irritated that a stranger was touching her. but when he found the trouble spot on her head...she writhed and squealed. this might sound like a horrible thing that i should have stepped in to stop, but the kind of touch these docs provide is very, very mild, much less pressure than a massage even. he said this reaction was a very classic response you see in colicy babies. anyway, he sang her a song (just a regular kids song, not some mystical hippie chant or anything) and she started staring at him, by the end of the song she had a look on her face of release, and awe. i was impressed. at the end of the session, he said that she had classic colic issues (even though she was now well out of the age of the "traditional" colic period) and osteopathy should be able to take her issues way down. even in just a few treatments.

we shall see how things pan out in the next few days/weeks/sessions but for now i am much more "sold" and confident in this treatment pathway than the naturopath. the practioners confidence and skill was more palpable too. if anyone wants more info about my experience with the osteopath, they can always ask.

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Mary Ann said...

This sounds very hopeful. I'm sure that you are tired of being the detective and that it will be a relief to put sweet Dexter in the hands of a capable expert. I think of you all every day and I hope that this is the solution to a frustrating issue. Please keep writing.