05 August 2011

Friday night fun

daves france boss and his wife were in town and we had them over for a proper dinner. our first dinner guests!

so, daves france boss (jean) and his wife (myriam) did their phds here in halifax. daves halifax advisor was jeans phd advisor. anyway, they were in town to work and visit with old friends. one of their free nights we invited them over to attempt to reciprocate all their hospitality while we stayed with them in rennes.

this was our first time having dinner guests in the new place, and our first time in halifax that we entertained guests at an actual dinner table. we are really going places! dave made pulled chicken tacos and we had a nice time. they enjoy playing with X and are very friendly, social people.

after food, we all wanted to walk off the lead weights in our bellies, so we headed toward downtown. we found ourselves staring into the glass windowfront of a new dessert bar on barrington street. a little too chic for us casual folk with a baby, but its where im headed when we first get a date night!

from the dessert place we made a turn toward the waterfront. it is buskers festival, and we wanted to see what was performing. we walked down the hill to a packed crowd watching some really skilled firedancers. dave plopped X on his shoulders and she was mesmerized for 20 minutes. they were really talented and knew how to work a crowd.

hooray for a nice little friday night!

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