01 August 2011

Travel reflections #2 (MI)

*the full picasa album of our MI trip*

so, as with the europe trip, i have a few travel reflections to note:

the good: X sponged up every minute with everyone including all the kids she encountered. she thrived on all the new stuff, learned new things and had a blast! such a change from past visits.

we learned new things too: what we need to do for our next trip (definitely nice having the rental car) and how to schedule ourselves. we actually put the stuff we learn from past experiences into play and it does make future travel easier.

the bad: michigan no longer feels like home. i suppose it happens to everyone who has lived away from their childhood location long enough. michigan still has things that are familiar and comforting, but i no longer feel like im home when we are there. its scary, but true. we nomadically visit friendly faces and we have our old stomping grounds, but they are all changing over time as life goes on in MI without us. its understandable and inevitable, but it makes me feel like im more of a stranger in the world than before.

the ugly: the visit also showed me the ugly side of having this blog. i started it to serve two purposes:

1. to record our adventures. life away from MI was going to be the biggest thing that happened to me yet, so i knew i wanted to have a record of it, for myself, dave, and future offspring.

2. to let friends and family know what we are up to. i had a fear that i would have to write long, ridiculous emails to people whenever they asked the "so, hows life in _____?" question.

the blog has served me well in these two areas. perhaps too well in area #2 though. on this trip especially, i felt like i no longer had anything to share with people. anyone who reads the blog already knows everything that is going on with us. this is great in some sense (they are "caught up to speed") but in another, it robs me of the benefits of getting feedback and being able to vent. if i vent in one spot, its just lame and useless to vent again to the same people about the same thing. its totally my own double edged sword, but it kinda bummed me out.


Trav said...

I, for one, feel like I have a million follow up questions to ask you about your blog posts (which I don't do electronically for the sake of saving your sanity). So don't worry too much about having nothing to say to me (and I, of course, follow this blog religiously!).

amw said...

aw, thanks am. love you. and i dont think i have much sanity left to lose. plus, taking follow-up questions from friends (aka, talking to people i love) would actually be a lovely change of pace from everyday life.

nlk731 said...

I'm with Amy. Your blog just plants the seed. It's not substitute for getting to talk to you about these things.