06 July 2011

Terrific tuesday, minus the teething

what a lovely, random mid-week surprise of a day.

we woke up and started our day like any other day. nothing particularly interesting was on the agenda. dave decided to work from home so i was trying to work on getting X and me out of the house. we had a mid-morning communication with my mom that resulted in us buying the facetime app from Apple ($0.99). al recently got an iphone and is using facetime with his daughter in st louis to see her kids, so my mom thought they could start "visiting" with X as well. X responded really well to it (its the same type of thing as skype) and for the most part interacted with them like they were in the room. they would ask to see her shoe or a toy and she would bring it over to the computer and try to give it to their faces. and my mom read her a story. that was great. she noticed the change in tone of voice and was totally intent on listening to a book that she didnt even have right in front of her. it was very sweet.

after the video chat, we packed up and went to the library. they dont have organized mom-baby reading groups during the summer, but they do open the room up for babys to come and play with the special toys. by the time we arrived there were already a handful of parent-baby pairs there. to our surprise two of them were from previous reading groups, and one was from that waldorf group we went to. it was fun to see familiar faces and it encouraged X to wander away from me and independently check everyone out while still feeling comfortable.

as library play time wound down we picked out some new books and headed outside. there was a short lunchtime concert going on! a naval band (from the canada day parade) was performing to encourage people to check out the royal tattoo festival. X and lots of other kids loved the music and were playing and dancing on the grass.

when the concert ended we went home for lunch. the bike seat dave had ordered for X had arrived! now we needed a helmet. dave was excited to take her out, so he made time to come out for lunch and helmet shopping with us. we walked over to cabin coffee for soup/sandwich combos and sweet tea. it was a quick but wonderful lunch and it felt so exciting to be eating out on a weekday with dave! :) then we walked over to MEC for a helmet. the smallest helmet they had said "3+" but it was well-designed, lightweight and almost fit her. we decided that with a sweatband worn under the helmet it would be snug enough to fit her head safely until her head grew a bit more. so we had a helmet! things were coming together so beautifully.

after a quick test bike ride around the block, it was definitely time for a nap. at this time i went up to work for a meeting about that temporary project im doing. the meeting went well, i think im on target to finish the project in the expected time. plus, the guy basically told me that if i wanted to get up to working full time, that he could pay for me to work part-time with him (plus part-time with my current boss; this would equal full-time). things to work toward!

i got back home just as X was waking up and we went back outside to play until dinner time. the kid LOVES the swings. she could stay in them for an hour. im certain of it. i think the other parents think im abusing her by keeping her in them for so long, but she gets whiny if you try to take her out of them when shes not ready.

back at home, dinner done...now it was time for the real first bike ride. dave had an ultimate game starting at 7:45p. it was in the city so he took X over on his bike and i drove over. she loved the ride and was actually bummed to be taken out of the seat. but, as soon as she got down, she met a little girl named chloe (22 months old). her parents had just moved to halifax and joined daves team. the game was 1.5 hours long and those two hung out the whole time. throwing balls, sharing snacks, and climbing on the benches. they are too young to actually play together, but they definitely fed off each others vibes. i didnt have to actually do too much real parenting during the game because they were occupying their time so well. we will have to try and convince these people to hang out with us outside of ultimate games. it could be so great.

(ready for her first bike ride. the sun is in her face so perhaps that is why she doesnt look so happy. she really loves the bike though, i swear!)

after the game X got another bike ride home and we started the wind down process for bed. night time snack, diaper, and nursing. except she didnt actually want to go to sleep. i dont know if it was teething, or she was too amped up from the day, but it wasnt happening smoothly. dave stepped in to read to her and wind her down (thank you, thank you, thank you!) and i sat down for a phone call with my old friend katie. her daughter, iz, is just 6 weeks older than X. they are so close in age that it is extremely therapeutic talking to her. we are currently dealing with the exact same issues, joys, confusions at the exact same time. we can compare notes/commiserate about life with toddlers. we try to hook up once a month to talk and i just love those calls. thanks katie! and thanks dave for dealing with X until she finally went to sleep (at like 11p!).

in short, more days like today please!!!

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Mary Ann said...

There is a way to do it, but it's tricky installing Face Time on a
3G iphone. I assume Al has the 4. Boo!